Eva West

Absolutely committed to success and realization of objectives, a respected professional with outstanding leadership, sales, project management and organizational skills. 


Practical knowledge in sales, project management and recruiting, as well as good understanding of business process management, operation and organizational development.

Experience in how to create and implement change initiatives and action plans to enhance the organizational performance and achieve greater effectiveness.

Great interest in the way people are managed. Critical thinker willing to take actions. Can motivate and lead people in times of change.



Dynamic, disciplined and determined team player offering strong conceptional, organizational, intercultural and interpersonal skills and leadership.


High flexible with strong learning agility and international focus.



I offer you ...


... over 28 years professional leadership experience in different industries around the globe.


... specific expertise in project management, operational processes and hiring people for different industries and levels.


... development and improvement of strategies.


... strategic development and expansion of customer profiles and acquisition of new customers.


... pipeline and account management as well as business development.


... managing of cost budget and development of annual plans.


... decision making in a fast-paced environment and fast turnaround with a "hand on mentality".


I am ...


... an optimistic person with empathy, confidence, and a high degree of independence.


... a result driven person.


... a dedicated person with a strong will to win and to drive outcomes ... I get things done!


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